Originally founded as an electronics shop, the dosing technology specialist Saier has long produced its products more like a manufacturer. To exploit the full potential of a new production facility and an automated high-rack storage system, this family-managed company underwent a lean transformation with the help of Staufen AG.  

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The Right Dose of Lean 

Despite the new building and the introduction of an ERP system, production at Saier was still more like manufacturing. There were no standardized work systems that were attuned to the production flow, and assembly processes were subdivided into small, individual steps with large lot sizes. 

That’s why Saier and Staufen started a lighthouse project in 2019. Core goal: Reduction of lead times.  

We have changed our corporate culture for the long term and reoriented it. The whole team is now more motivated looking into the future.

Michael Saier
Managing Director, Saier  

A product with 250 variants was selected and analyzed from the points of view lead time, value creation, and waste. The assembly times could be improved significantly with a modified work system. Encouraged by the experiences and results from the lighthouse project, Saier decided to roll out the optimizations all across its production. 

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