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Staufen is a Lean Management consulting service and academy. We believe that inside every company, there is an even better one. Our passion is helping you discover the better version of your company and working with you to stablish a sustainable culture of change. This will make your business lean, clever and able to optimize.

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Staufen Magazine 2022 |No. 5

Do you like great stories? So do we! Our magazine tells stories of success with the aim of inspiring you to make your own company fit for the future.

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Lean Glossary

Here you find all terms and explanations of the Lean World. The glossary is also available for download.

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Staufen – What applicants want to know.

Staufen is a Great Place to Work. And that‘s not just what we think: that was the official statement made by the research and consulting institute of the same name. And it‘s the third time they‘ve given us that title. Here are a few of the reasons why.
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Staufen Magazine 2021 | No. 4

Do you like great stories? So do we! Our magazine tells stories of success with the aim of inspiring you to make your own company fit for the future.

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Mechanical and Plant Engineering in Transformation

In brief: Mechanical engineering is in a period of transformation. It has to introduce restructuring at the organizational and process levels and adapt to changing market and competitive conditions. Management and employees have to be qualified so that they are ready for this change.
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Cause Analysis And Problem Solving In Quality Emergencies

Increasing warranty expenses and recourse claims as well as recall campaigns are an almost daily occurrence in the automotive industry – and are associated with enormous costs and lasting damage to the image of manufacturers and their system suppliers. In recent years, significantly more cars were recalled than ever before.
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Administration today has to provide flexible support for the Lean value stream – and at the same time cope with increasing complexity and constantly increasing internationalisation. Challenges that were traditionally met with an increase in personnel now have to be overcome with the use of new IT tools, adapted organisational structures and continuously optimised processes. Lean Administration shapes the processes that support value creation and operate in accordance with Lean logic and methods. Potentials in administration are not obvious but have to be developed through analysis and process optimisation as well as through effective communication and management.
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Lean Construction is the holistic approach for sustainable results in the realisation of construction projects. Thanks to transparency and measurability at every stage of the implementation, available resources can be used purposefully and waste avoided.
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Lean Development reduces lead times in the product creation process through the elimination of waste. A Lean Development System uses lean principles, based on organisational and operational methods with the aim of takt-timing development projects efficiently and securing their results. Mentor-mentee dialogue instead of hierarchy and micromanagement Frontloading instead.
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Lean Sales

Lean Sales creates transparency and measurability in sales processes, facilitating the best use of available resources and the avoidance of waste. In addition to the application of methods, the professional development of sales staff insures the fullfillment of customer expactations.
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Shop Floor Management

Shop Floor Management supports the consistent and sustainable development of processes and procedures at the point of origin. The presence of management in the production areas and their focus upon standard deviations enable decisions to be sped up and employees to be developed into improvement managers.
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Shop Floor Management, on-site leadership, finds its way to all business areas. The presence of the responsible manager and the consistent and sustained development of processes gains importance. The focus on deviations and the direct path towards problem solution delivers clear benefits and results. However, conventional Shop Floor Management reaches its limit managing global processes and projects. The fragmentation of the value added chain of geographically dispersed teams hampers communication, leadership processes, the provision, and the necessary transparency.
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Problem solving as part of our Quality Excellence approach focuses on the rapid identification of causes for quality deviations. Depending on the complexity of the problem, these are addressed with specific methods.
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Lean Transformation

Many traditional companies find themselves in a period of transformation. They have to adapt their organizations and processes to changing market and competitive conditions. Their managers and employees have to be empowered to take an active part in helping to shape this transformation sustainably.
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Developing companies to top performance is our objective. In our projects, we combine expert know-how in restructuring and finance with Lean Management and our BestPractice experience. With an approach based on principles of operational excellence rather than pure cost-cutting, we not only achieve quick results but also establish attitudes and practices in accordance with Lean principles along the core processes and the value stream.
Through consistent implementation of Lean principles, we achieve sustainable performance improvements and make companies robust, flexible and competitive.

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