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The political will for a turnaround in transportation has been formulated, but the sectors involved face different challenges and growth scenarios. The number of passengers in local and long-distance public transport is expected to increase significantly over the next 10 years. BMVI sees a similar trend in freight transport. The challenge for all market players is to position themselves for the future, while at the same time safeguarding their performance in day-to-day business to remain efficient and competitive.

A strategy is only successful as long as it is not only well-thought-out, but also implemented stringently and sustainably. Staufen can assist you in preparing your company and your staff for the future. We support you in enhancing significantly your culture and performance. We are committed to being and remaining effective – even after we are long gone.

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We have a track record of assisting companies in the transport and logistics sector with these and other issues:

  • Strategy and target development from the board of directors to each employee
  • Analysis and optimization of value streams and end-to-end processes (using classical and digital methods such as process mining)
  • Operational excellence programs: in the railway supply industry, at railway transport companies and in the freight forwarding environment
  • Reduction of layovers and improvement of vehicle availability (feeding, maintenance, provisioning)
  • Customized qualification programs for leaders as well as training of internal improvement experts
  • Increase in overall business performance and leadership performance
  • Cost reduction programs, inventory reduction and working capital improvement
  • Introduction of Shop Floor Management and digital Shop Floor Management while linking to different plants/locations
  • Organizational development and change management programs

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 The future of supply chains

Ole Trumpfheller from DB Schenker is convinced: customers and service-providers must adopt a collaborative approach to guarantee a secure and scheduled movement of goods in the future.

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Thales railway

Overcoming Silo Thinking

Thales is one of the world’s largest suppliers of control and safety systems for mass transit and mainline rail transport. More than 250,000 solutions from Thales have been installed in the areas of interlocking technology, point machines, signals, axle counters, control centers, autonomization, and cyber security, which support the expansion of sustainable mobility by rail and rapid implementation of transport revolution towards rail planned for Germany.

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Alstom Salzgitter

Alstom was founded in France in 1928, and today it operates in over 60 countries. This giant of the transport industry gets people where they need to go and offers an extensive range of products and services: Alstom produces the high-speed TGV train, as well as manufacturing urban trains, subways and trams, and provides services, infrastructure, signal technology and digital mobility solutions.

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We no longer look for who is to blame – Transdev

In order to achieve a cultural change towards continuous improvement at the headquarters of the Transdev Group, located southwest of Paris, Staufen AG first familiarized all 400 employees with the fundamentals of Lean Management through a “Lean game”. Ten people were trained as internal Lean consultants, so that in the future, they can assist their colleagues with their in-depth knowledge of Lean methods. At the same time, management training sessions were carried out with 80 executives to clarify their (key) roles in the cultural change and to develop expertise. Lean Principles formed the foundation for the orientation of the Lean Transformation.

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Header DB Fernverkehr


Staufen AG was the selected partner for developing a long-term, implementation-oriented qualification concept for DB Fernverkehr AG. Together, the “Lean ABC – Application, Training, Coaching” program was initiated.

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