It goes without saying that our trainers all stand out due to their competence and experience. What else makes them so remarkable? All of our trainers have backgrounds in the industry. They themselves were managers and executives for many years, and they of all people understand the tasks which their participants and coachees face. Instead of teaching vague theory, they all offer valuable and tried-and-true experience for a practical approach to everyday work life. And they do so in a agreeably authentic and approachable way. You’ll see: learning from them is a pleasure.

Roman Amstad

Jürgen Arold

Martin Becker

Dominik Bühlmann

Pierre Cloth

Muamer Cviko

Christian Czejka

Dominic Decker

Sascha Dede

Manuel Dudler

Michael Feldmeth

Heinz Floren

Lukas Förschner

Markus Franz

David Frost


Alexander Gutbrod

Michael Hahn

Jürgen Hammer

Jan Haug

Bernhard Heep

Lutz Herborn

Dr. Alexandra Hey

Dr. Mark C. Hiller

Dr. Urs Hirt

Canan Jungel

Dusan Kalabic

Tobias Kehrer

Jens Kohlhaas

Markus Ledergerber

Werner Luik

Michael Metzger

Thomas Mueller

Thomas Müller

Project Manager STAUFEN.USA

Ulrich Müller

Irina Müller-Fibian

Stefan Munsch

Sebastian Nett

Marco Pett

Markus Reichert

Nicolas Romfeld

Nils-Simon Runge

Patrick Ruoff

Sebastian Schiemenz

Andreas Schillinger

Sebastian Schneider

Peter Schorle

Robin Schorn

Christian Schurr

Thomas Spiess

Sven Spitznagel

Christian Sprenger

Freda von Stackelberg

Jan Philipp Stommel

Eric Nils Timmer

Lal Tuzman

Consultant STAUFEN.USA

Peter Ullrich

Christian Ullrich

Martin Wagegg

Marc Wiedmann

Nicolas Wirth

Tobias Wolf

Lucas Zeugin

Dr. André Zofka