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“The Green Transformation of the Supply Chain”

Source: ATZ worldwide, Edition 2/2021,

Guest Commentary by Dr.-Ing. Thilo Greshake, Head of the Automotive Business Unit, Staufen AG

Sustainability, ecology and climate protection seem like yesterday’s topics at the moment, as the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic dominates everyday life. Nevertheless, environmental issues are still as important as they were a year ago: The entire automotive industry must accelerate its green transformation to avoid becoming overwhelmed by reality.
Press Release / Specialist articles

Change is inevitable

Everyone knows that change is inevitable. Nevertheless, the majority of companies are uncertain or hesitant, and perhaps begin to restructure individual aspects of their operations without having a clear concept in mind. In order to be successful, however, the organization as a whole must be ready to react rapidly to external changes. The mission of Staufen is to help companies bring out the best in themselves. This, and the creation of a sustainable, adaptable culture, is what we are working towards day by day.

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Photo Credit and Text by Forbes.hu

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