Development from day one

Personnel development begins immediately after signing the contract

At Staufen, professional development begins the moment you sign your contract. Your first day of work is our “welcome day.” This is when you learn about every aspect of the company. And as a consultant, you will naturally receive all of your work tools, including your laptop, smartphone, company car, business cards, etc.

We conduct “beginner trainings” for new employees three times a year.  Over the course of eight days, we will teach you the fundamentals about our company and our attitudes and approach. This includes information about corporate values, strategy, mission, vision and culture, sales processes, project design, our interpretation of Lean as well as pragmatic topics such as argumentation and presentation, flipchart training and media design.

In the twelve months that follow, you will start your on-the-job training in compliance with the mentor-mentee principle: The mentor assigned to you is an experienced colleague from your team who will serve as your point of contact and offer you guidance. Your mentor will give you feedback, explain in-house processes and standards, and provide deeper insights into our corporate culture and organizational structures.

It goes without saying that your mentor will not be your only sparring partner. At Staufen, we emphasize working together in close cooperation — for example, by providing straightforward assistance in resolving complex topics or in preparing for future challenges. We also achieve this through regular team development, and above all, communication.

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Here you can learn about the different ways you can learn

We offer our own employees a massive selection of professional-development measures. Depending on your personal goals, requirements, business activities and position, at Staufen you can benefit from in-house and external seminars, Academy programs and training, e-learning, summer and winter school, and sparring with our competence development team.

The culture of feedback that defines our work lets you review at any time whether you have made optimal use of what you have learned. Correspondingly, there are regularly scheduled project feedback sessions, semi-annual and annual performance reviews, and target-setting meetings. In the process, we also review your location and see what your next step on the career ladder is.

Training on the Job

Learning by Doing

You will gain valuable project experience in your work. And we deliberately help you hone your competences by integrating new aspects into your tasks. For example, we offer you new fields of responsibility, have you conduct your own workshops, develop new service products, or rotate areas of accountability.

Training along the Job

Lerning by Accompanying

You can set your own targets for individual growth in discussions with your in-house or external mentor or coach. This allows you to engage in a regular exchange which develops your areas of competence.

Training off the Job

Learning by Acquiring Knowledge

You will acquire specific theoretical knowledge in trainings and seminars. Practical exercises then allow you to apply and expand what you have learned.

More About Careers at Staufen


Here you can find the current listings for the fields of consulting and corporate functions. Furthermore, read here to learn about current positions for interns, trainees and students.

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Application process

When we received your application portfolio, we will send you an email to confirm receipt. Your papers will then be reviewed as soon as possible by our HR business partners and the appropriate department. If your application is not a good fit for us, you will receive a message as quickly as possible so that you can focus on other applications.

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First steps at Staufen

When you come on board as a consultant at Staufen, we offer a wide variety of options, depending on your professional experience, industry competence, specialist expertise and your professional goals.

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