Applying integrated analysis and implementation strength to boost performance 

Geopolitical upheavals, intensified international competition, innovation cycles that are becoming increasingly shorter – in a recent Staufen study, “Performance Drivers 2024 eighty-three percent of the organizations surveyed stated that they have rarely had to face such a wide range of challenges as the ones they face today. Nonetheless, organizations are still under pressure to push their strategic investments, even in times of immense cost pressure. Understanding how each decision affects the profit and loss statement (P&L) is, therefore, all that more important. 

To find the right balance between cost control and a forward-looking approach to spending, there is no way around taking an integrated perspective when looking at your own company. After all, how beneficial is it to improve the balance sheet by reducing inventory levels, for example, if the impact of this measure on production processes and product quality, and ultimately on customer satisfaction, is uncertain? 

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An integrated Top-Down / Bottom-Up approach

This is why Staufen AG developed the Performance Boost approach that is unparalleled on the market in its holistic character and depth. In this way, for example, each project team is made up of experts who analyze the organization from a business management and financial perspective to identify the right levers (top-down), while production, logistics and quality management specialists understand all operational processes on the shop floor down to the last detail (bottom-up). 

This single source combination facilitates an integrated view of the organization and a permanent comparison: What is being done on the shop floor and how does it affect the P&L? We ensure that the identified measures are implemented and deliver their identified P&L contribution using professional overall program management including progress tracking. Furthermore, our clients can rely on the Staufen AG experts at any time for detailed technical implementation, including production planning on a specific line. This implementation strength ensures the performance boost previously identified in the integrated analysis. 

Whether corporate strategy, balance sheet and cost structure or individual measures on the shop floor – we apply our Performance Boost approach to play both sides at the highest level.

Robin Broll
Principal, STAUFEN.AG

Effective Change Through Transparent Communication

Still, a lack of expertise or experience with data-supported analysis tools is not the only thing that might hinder the successful implementation of essential changes. From senior management to the shift supervisor on the line, it is equally important that everyone understands the specific impact of each measure in their own area of responsibility. The Staufen AG Performance Boost approach allows for communication at all levels, because the financial goals are transparently transferred into operational measures and at the same time the impact of these measures on the P&L can be tracked at any point in time. 

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The Staufen-approach adds financial and operational expertise to the Performance-Boost 

A data-supported analysis of the financial structures (P&L and balance sheet) show improvement potential.

Instead of merely reducing costs, a strategic resources allocation helps to increase earnings. 

A culture of continuous improvement is fostered by focusing on the optimization of processes and workflows. 

Added to that is the ability to eliminate inefficiencies and bottlenecks in order to increase the effectiveness overall. 

Ultimately, the goal is to create more agile structures and processes in order to respond quickly to changes in the market

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To ensure the project’s success – i.e. long-term positive effects in the P&L – it is not enough to simply spur the client on from the outside, but as a consultant I must also be able to provide support in the specific implementation. We at Staufen have the appropriate expertise in-house at all time to achieve the necessary impact in close partnership with the team.

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