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As a manufacturer of engines, MTU Aero Engines is part of a global industry – and despite its international activity, it still feels very much at home in Germany. To be prepared to hold its own against international competitors in the future, the company felt a growing pressure to review its in-house processes. What it realized was that if it wanted to reach new altitudes, it would have to go deep into the heart of its own strategy. Proceeding with the same meticulous care as it does in its production and maintenance, MTU Aero Engines dismantled its management system with the help of Staufen – and reconstructed it with the help of shopfloor management, turning the company’s work processes into a more powerful and efficient instrument.

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Nowadays, the employees know what’s happening in greater detail and at an earlier point in time. Consequently, decisions are made faster and more clearly at the appropriate level. The new communication strategy encourages on-site problem solving, lowers the number of late-phase changes in plans, and increases transparency in production..

Today, MTU Aero Engines can act much more quickly. And since shopfloor management was developed in close conjunction with the staff, multipliers from within the company can help continue developing the project. This new conduct on the part of the management guarantees a sustainable effect on the company culture.

MTU Aero Engines is active in a very volatile high-growth market. New technologies and rising demand keep the list of incoming orders long. At the same time, however, customer specifications are also increasing: engine programs require the greatest possible precision, a zero-tolerance strategy and absolute dependability in meeting deadlines, because the company is integrated into a complicated supply chain. 

The company took the strategic plunge into its new approach in mid-2013. An optimized form of shopfloor management was used to make productions more efficient. To make this happen, the managers and employees had to find a new clearer and more streamlined way to communicate with each other. It was essential to the management for the results to have a sustainable impact on the company. 


By implementing shopfloor management, we made major progress in leadership efficiency and company performance.


We know that the role which management plays and how leadership acts both have a critical impact on whether we can reach the goals we have set for ourselves and steer towards a successful future. The most effective path to excellent leadership performance involves implementing professional shopfloor management.

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