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The Italian management contracted Staufen AG as an experienced consultant in the manufacturing industry. Staufen was asked to take a close look at the company as a whole, identify the reasons why it was in such economic crisis and draw up a business plan to successfully re-align the company.

The combined top-down/bottom-up approach was applied to provide an integrated look at the company. A process view (bottom-up) combined with a management perspective (top-down) allow potentials to be determined with a variety of different analyses approaches tailored to each customer, which then feed into the company‘s restructuring concept.


Consulting contracts with a single client for several years are rare, but they are extremely interesting. Staufen AG was there for Barberini GmbH the entire way: from a company in crisis generating a loss to its rise to success.

Barberini GmbH‘s success story can be summed up briefly: While the company was still reporting substantial losses in 2015, the company has undergone a significant restructuring since 2018, and has been showing a steady profit since its re-alignment. But, let‘s start from the beginning. The German subsidiary of the Italian eyeglasses specialist manufactures lens blanks for sunglasses and other special eyeglasses at its Grünenplan plant, which is between Hanover and Göttingen in Germany.

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