Staufen defends its title as Germany’s best Lean management consultant – Hidden Champions 2018

December 14, 2017 | Global news

Germany’s top managers have once again named the corporate consultant Staufen the best in the Lean management field, according to the highly-regarded industry study “Hidden Champions 2018.” Dr. Dietmar Fink of the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung surveyed over 700 managers at German corporations and mid-sized enterprises. What’s more, Staufen ranked among the finest names in the industry in terms of its expertise in purchasing, R&D, technology management, operating efficiency, Shop Floor Management, Industry 4.0 and as a specialist for the manufacturing industry.

“We are proud to have been chosen as a Hidden Champion of the consulting industry once again. This award reflects the great appreciation that the decision-makers in the German industry have expressed, and it gives us affirmation in the work we do on site with our clients,” said Staufen’s COO Wilhelm Goschy with a smile. “The world’s most important consulting companies serve as our benchmarks. And we try to be at least one step ahead of them, day by day — and not just in Lean management, our area of special expertise.”

The Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung (WGMB), the scientific society of management and consulting, has now conducted its study on the hidden champions of the German consulting market for the sixth time. From June to October 2017, research director Dr. Dietmar Fink conducted an extensive survey of 734 managers of DAX-listed and major corporations as well as mid-sized businesses. The objective was to determine which specialist consultants Germany’s top executives regard as having greater expertise in their respective fields than the generalists in the consulting industry. A total of 22 consulting companies were named Hidden Champions 2018.

By defending its Hidden Champion title, Staufen has received this honor for the third time. In May, an industry survey conducted by Brand eins and Statista also named the consulting company “Best Consultant” as in previous years. Furthermore, in 2017 Staufen was listed among Germany’s best employers, according to a study by the Great Place to Work® Institute. This past year began with successes that were comparable to those of late last year: in November 2016, the economic magazine Wirtschaftswoche honored Staufen with its “Best of Consulting” prize.

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About Staufen AG

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