Inside every successful company, there is one that can paint the town red – 25 Years of Staufen

September 17, 2019 | Global news

Anyone who thought a fundamentally pragmatic approach to consulting and an festive mood would contradict each other, would have had to look twice at the “Wagenhalle” in Stuttgart in mid-July. Around 500 employees, alumni and close companions celebrated the 25th anniversary of Staufen AG in the historic locomotive depot.

Nearly 100 years after the construction of this impressive depot, engineer Martin Haas and personnel development manager Ralf Stokar from Neuforn founded the consulting firm, which according to the renowned industry study “Hidden Champions” is Germany’s best Lean management consultancy. To date, both serve as CEO and Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Staufen AG.

The once small founding team has become more than 320 employees around the world and supports customers from a wide range of industries to help increase the value of their company by following the motto “Inside every company there is an even better one.” Not only did colleagues across Europe come to the anniversary celebration, but also many employees from its locations in Asia as well as North and South America made the trip to the “Staufen Heartland” in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

A unique combination of professional consultation and organizational development

In addition to internationalization, Staufen AG has continuously redefined and developed itself and its area of focus since its founding. Its successful subsidiaries Staufen Digital Neonex and S.QE are just two examples of this. The company’s expertise as a transformation consultancy, which is valued by its customers and uniquely combines specialist consulting and organizational development, has long passed the internal test of endurance.

But despite the well-deserved festive mood, which should be imbedded in every appreciative corporate culture, Martin Haas and Ralf Stokar from Neuforn look to the future: “Our journey has no final destination. The market never stands still and requires ongoing further development – as do we!”

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