MARCH 26, 2024 | University of Alabama – Huntsville, AL

The Executive Summit brings together leaders from industry, academia, and consulting to address dynamic issues and challenges of workforce development in the digital era.

Whether you lead a tech-driven company, oversee operations within the manufacturing sector, or are driving digital innovation, this summit provides a platform to explore the challenges and opportunities inherent in the digital era’s impact on the workforce. The cross-section of leaders will present recent workforce development tools and techniques, lessons learned from common implementation challenges, and practical examples of successful implementations. Through break-out sessions, leaders can share their front-of-mind issues affecting their programs and enterprises, exchange ideas, and challenge current best practices and norms.

Join us to connect with thought leaders, share experiences, and strategize for the future of work in an increasingly digital and interconnected world.  

Who Should Attend?

This exclusive event is designed for those at the helm of their organizations, including CEOs, C-suite executives, directors, and senior managers across industries. The summit provides a unique platform for high-level networking, knowledge exchange, and discussions.

What are the Focus Topics for the 2024 Summit?

  • Workforce Development and Sustainability
    Workforce and management capability is driving operational success and company value metrics.* To put it simply, the quality of your workforce is the main driver of your company’s long-term success.
  • The link between workforce development and the practical application of the latest tools in Digitization, Industry 4.0, and Continuous improvement. We will highlight industry success stories from achieving operational excellence in engineering, supply chain, and operations environments
  • Fresh perspectives in an exclusive circle with in-depth sessions on
    • Automation and digitization
    • The social and governance aspects of ESG
    • Global value chains and sustainability
    • Leadership and culture

Keynote Speakers

Vineetha Menon, Ph.D.

Dr. Terence Reed Endowed Associate Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Big Data Analytics Lab at UAH

Nicholas Phillips

Partner and Head of Industrial Consulting and Workforce Development at Staufen AG

additional Speakers

Wilhelm Goschy

CEO, Staufen AG

Kristin Weger, Ph.D.

Summit Chair and Assistant Professor, UAH Industrial Organizational Psychology

Rainer Blickle

Vice President, SEW Eurodrive

Diane Aloisio, Ph.D.

Systems Engineering Branch Manager, Dynetics Leidos Company

Sampson Gholston, Ph.D.

Department Chair and Professor, UAH Industrial and Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

Jan Brazeal Ingenrieth, MA, SHRM-SCP

Director, Internship Program, Alabama Productivity Center

Nicholas Loyd, Ph.D.

Director, UAH Center for Management and Economic Research (CMER) and Clinical Assistant Professor, UAH Industrial and Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

Rainer Neufeld

Corporate Electronics Manager, SEW Eurodrive

Ana Wooley, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, UAH Industrial and Systems Engineering and Engineering Management


Join us for a warm welcome as we kick off the summit with a registration and networking session. Connect with fellow participants and set the stage for a day of collaboration, learning, and growth.


  • Welcome to the inaugural Executive Summit including an overview of the summit’s theme and its relevance to leaders in academia, industry, and consulting.


  • Introduction of Staufen.AG, highlighting their commitment to workforce development and leadership excellence


  • Value Accelerators – Exploiting potentials through data, digital twins, and AI
  • Value accelerators leverage the synergy of data, digital twins, and AI to propel profitability and business growth. By harnessing data insights organizations gain a competitive edge. Digital twins (virtual replicas of physical assets) enhance time to market and optimize performance. AI augments decision-making, automates processes, and refines customer experiences. Together they create a powerful framework that unlocks untapped potential and drives innovation across industries.
  • What does it mean for your business?
  • Learn how digitization can unlock shorter lead times and profitability within your businesses.


  • Lean Sm@rt Factory based on Industry 4.0 Principles
  • Industry 4.0 is an evolution in production and logistics processes. Based on the value creation principles of “one-piece flow” and “small factory unit,” SEW-EURODRIVE has already implemented its Industry 4.0 solutions within its own businesses. These solutions have fully developed concepts for logistics, assembly, and production tasks.
  • What does it mean for your business?
  • View the whitepaper to learn how SEW boosted efficiency throughout the value creation chain by 30%.


Join us for a dynamic panel discussion featuring representatives from UAH, Staufen, and SEW as they discuss the changes required in how we work, lead, and learn to create organizational value.

Panel Discussion Highlights:

  • Insights into evolving workforce trends.
  • Strategies for effective leadership in a changing work environment.
  • Practical approaches to leverage the latest tools and techniques for organizational success.

Enjoy a buffet-style lunch, take a moment to relax, and connect with fellow attendees.


The Impact of Workforce Development and Continuous Improvement on Environment, Social, and Governance Investing

Workforce development and continuous improvement play a pivotal role in enhancing corporate Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. By investing in employee skills, organizations foster a culture of sustainability and ethical behavior. Continuous Improvement methodologies drive operational efficiency, reducing resource consumption and waste. A skilled and engaged workforce ensures responsible corporate citizenship, positively influencing social and community relations. Together, these efforts elevate ESG performance by aligning business objectives with broader societal and environmental goals for a sustainable future.

What does it mean for your business?

Learn about the importance of an enhanced workforce and how Staufen and UAH propose to achieve it.

Global Value Chain Sustainability – What is it?

Global Value chain sustainability refers to the practice of promoting social, environmental, and economic sustainability throughout the entire value chain of a product or service. The global value chain includes all activities involved in production, distribution, and consumption. It often involves various stakeholders, including suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers. A few key aspects include labor standards, human rights, emissions, efficiency, and fair-trade practices.

What does it mean for your business?

Value Chain Sustainability is essential for businesses to thrive in a socially and environmentally conscious global economy. It offers strategic advantages in areas such as, risk mitigation, market relevance, cost efficiency, and global reputation.

Businesses that work within their span of control to prioritize sustainability position themselves well for future challenges and are better equipped to create long-term value while minimizing negative impacts on people and the planet.


Leading Digital Engineering and Digital Transformations

Leading digital engineering and digital transformation entails envisioning a digital future and motivating cross-functional collaborative efforts to enhance efficiency in product development and industrialization, accelerating the entire product lifecycle.

What does it mean for your business?

Fostering cross-functional collaboration through advanced digital engineering practices becomes a cornerstone for sustainable growth. The integration of digital tools and methodologies must support seamless communication and knowledge sharing across teams and promote a unified approach to product development and industrialization.

Take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee before the afternoon breakout sessions.

Explore a specific topic aligned with your interests, engage in discussions with fellow industry leaders, and gain practical insights for implementation.

  1. Performance & Productivity
  2. Global Value Chains & Sustainability
  3. Leadership & Culture
  4. Automation & Digitalization

The summary is a collective reflection that encourages further engagement and discussion among attendees. It covers key insights, highlights, and takeaways from each breakout session, giving a comprehensive overview of the discussions, learnings, and practical applications.
We will close the educational portion of the Executive Summit with concluding remarks.


We invite you to continue the conversation while enjoying dinner at The Bottle in Downtown Huntsville, an upscale eatery that features Southern Cuisine with a French influence.


Early Bird Discount – $125* | register by February 20th

Standard Rate – $149* | registration closes on March 19th

*Lunch and Joint Closing – Dine, Wine & Talk are included in the rate

We have limited availability, so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to attend. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at

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